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Engaging the Community

Te Ngahere has always recognised the importance of the community in the work that we do. The balance between asset management, urban recreation, amenity and ecosystem recovery is an extremely important and complicated network. Many of our clients are local authorities who themselves are trying to balance the needs of the local community. We believe that a truly excellent organisation is one that not only understands their clients' needs but, also the needs of their clients.

In many cases this may be the ratepayers, local neighbourhoods, community groups, etc. We try to engage the community through educating them on the work that we are doing in their reserves. We present and report to community boards and volunteer groups but, most importantly, we engage with people. We take the time to talk to interested parties that approach us in the bush or on the site, as long as health and safety requirements allow, and we explain what we are doing and how it will benefit them.

In today’s community, there is no them and us.

Community Planting

Te Ngahere has been and continues to be involved in community planting for many years.

Education Programs

Consultancy and members of the Leadership Team frequently participate in school and community programmes including careers seminars at universities and schools around Auckland.

Community Assistance Program

It is often easier to say you are community aware than actually back it up.

Te Ngahere has decided that to be truly supportive of the community and back this up with assistance that actually help community and volunteer groups. We have initiated a community assistance program that offers limited pro bono consultancy services to assist groups with professional ecological advice on the work that they are carrying out.

Assistance is on an application basis but, this is more to allow us to be more effective than to restrict our commitment.

We see this as being an opportunity for groups to approach us about, for example, assistance with funding applications, ecological advice on plans, peer reviews, planting plans and so much more. We will guide you through the options to make sure that you get best possible advice. All we ask in return is that we get feedback and that we can include photos and information on this website.

This is a new program and we welcome applications for the use of this time and advice. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you more information.

Kelvin Floyd on South GeorgiaTackling Bittercress on South Georgia
Te Ngahere's Kelvin Floyd travelled a long way, to the southern island wildlife sanctuary of South Georgia, to advise on how to continue the battle against the invasive bittercress plant. Kelvin spent about six weeks there assessing the problem, trialing different herbicides and spraying to contain the plant. Whilst there he also put together an eradication plan, and set up a database to record all efforts made, to help assess the success of the spraying regime ... more.

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