Community-led restoration of Middleton Stream 

Te Ngahere has worked closely with the community group “From the Deck” and Auckland Council to develop community-led restoration plans to help direct restoration efforts around Middleton Stream and the Newmarket catchment for a 5 year period.

From the Deck is a great community-driven group taking the initiative to carry out weed control, bird counts, water quality tests and pest control along streams in their community.

Te Ngahere staff have been supportive of their goals and are helping to implement the restoration plan with strategic weed control, planting preparation, supporting community planting days and maintaining plantings in the year following. Our staff also provide ongoing advice on restoration priorities and monitoring/refining the restoration programme. We have developed a great relationship with the From the Deck community group and continue to be their chosen contractor.

See the progress from the start of the programme early 2018 (Top), after one season of initial control and planting (middle) to 2019 (bottom) following intensive weed control and native plantings throughout.