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Our Philosophy

Te Ngahere’s vision is simple:

To lead the field in the ecological restoration of visitor assets in New Zealand’s natural habitat.

The way we do this is through innovation, flexibility and professionalism, and embracing best practice to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

These are all words unless they are supported by actions and it is our passion and commitment to enhance our environment that is driven by the excellence of our staff. Our people are what make us excellent and we support them through a commitment to recruiting the best, internal and external training and keeping them safe.

Health and Safety

ACCSafety of our staff and the general public is of paramount importance. Te Ngahere holds Tertiary Level accreditation at ACC Workplace Safety Management and this is due to staff operating safely, professionally and in having systems in place to support them.

Te Ngahere is a member of Site Safe New Zealand.

Our policies are more than just documents; they have to mean something and we regularly audit our teams and update practices to maintain our commitment to safety.


The specific nature of our expertise means that there are not too many external courses in our line of work. As a result we are in the process of creating our own internal training structure and modules; these encompass everything from pest plant control methodology, to ecological techniques and planting, to team leadership.


ENVIRO-MARK® NZ BRONZE CertificationTe Ngahere is committed to the conservation, sustainable use and enhancement of the local and global environment for the present and for the future. We support active recreation in the outdoor environment and aim to meet our commitment through environmentally responsible practices and through equitable and participatory partnerships with clients, suppliers and communities.

Te Ngahere only works on projects which, at their core, are designed around long-term effectiveness, using methodologies which are efficient and have a minimal impact on the natural environment.

Te Ngahere has achieved ENVIRO-MARK® NZ GOLD accreditation - an internationally recognised environmental standards system supported by Landcare Research - and is now responsibly practising what it believes in.


    · National Biosecurity Capability Network (NBCN)

NBCN Certificate of MembershipTe Ngahere has been accepted as a partner of the National Biosecurity Capability Network (NBCN) and as such part of New Zealand’s field team in a biosecurity outbreak. We believe that as a nation we have too much of value to lose. Threats posed by unwanted pests, diseases or organisms could damage the environment, the economy, and us, the people of New Zealand.

Our commitment to the NBCN is a commitment to New Zealand, helping to preserve our economic, social, cultural, health and environmental wellbeing.

The National Biosecurity Capability Network (NBCN) is a joint initiative between the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and AsureQuality.

   · Pest Free Warrant

As a contracting and consulting business that works across the upper North Island, Te Ngahere recognises that it is important to operate responsibly regarding threats to our nation's biosecurity.

Our biosecurity policies aim to address the threats of animal pests, invasive plants and the spread of kauri dieback, and seek to remove or reduce the risk of our operations contributing to the further spread of these threats.

Te Ngahere's policies have been recognised by Treasure Islands, a joint initiative between the Department of Conservation and Auckland Council to protect conservation islands in the Hauraki Gulf (www.treasureislands.co.nz), and we are proud to be the first contractor awarded the Pest Free Warrant.

More about the Treasure Islands initiative here: www.doc.govt.nz/upload/documents/parks-and-recreation/places-to-visit/auckland/pest-free-warrant-poster.pdf

Treasure Islands
DoC Pest Free Warrant
Keep Kauri Standing


Te Ngahere's quality goal is “To build on a proven record of quality and, in doing so, enhance our position as a trusted provider of environmental services achieving high levels of client and workforce satisfaction”.

To achieve this goal we employ the best and most cost effective methods and technologies to remain in the forefront of businesses engaged in ecological restoration.

Te Ngahere
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